Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Color Wheel Flowers

Third graders recently completed Color Wheel Flowers - a collaborative art project focusing on the color wheel and color mixing.  Students began by discussing the primary and secondary colors.  We watched a fun stop motion animation to refresh our memories: Primary Colors.

The first step of our project involved creating painted paper.  The challenge: using only two primary colors, paint each half a different color and mix when they meet in the middle. Secondary colors began to emerge at this stage.  Students then experimented with texture combs to add even more visual interest.

During the next class, we agreed upon what shape petals we would all try and create - drawing, tracing and cutting out as many petals as possible.  This step required some serious focus.

The true challenge came at the end.  We discussed why collaborating in art is important, as well as what makes good team work - coming up with a list of "ingredients" to keep in mind. Working in small groups, students arranged the petals in color-wheel order, gluing them down once happy with their composition.   Teams completed their flowers by adding fingerprints to the center - making them truly unique and a reminder of the teamwork that went into their creation.


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