Friday, October 13, 2017

Line Landscapes

Third grade students recently created Line Landscapes. This was a fun lesson exploring the use of line and color. It also gave us a chance to talk about the parts of a landscape picture: foreground, middleground, horizon, and background.  
Livia - Ms. Dileso
After reviewing the many different kinds of line we might use in our artwork, students drew a simple landscape design using only lines. We used black oil pastel on black paper for this and students were encouraged to go all the way to the edges with their lines.

Students then used colorful oil pastels to fill in the spaces between their lines.  Some students chose realistic colors for their work, while others used non-realistic colors for a more expressive look.  

The last step of our project was assessing our own artwork to determine if it was finished or not. We talked about taking our time, filling in all the black paper, and re-tracing the original black lines to help them stand out better. Once our landscape was totally finished, we mounted it onto colorful background paper. Students were encouraged to choose a color that would complement their artwork.

Here are some examples of our finished Line Landscapes:

Lara - Mrs. Munger

Mah Noor - Ms. Dileso

Sylvia - Ms. Dileso

Elle - Ms. Dileso

Declan - Ms. Dileso

Edward - Mrs. Munger

Richard - Mrs. Munger

Ryan - Ms Munger

Kaitlin - Ms. Munger

Xander - Ms. Dileso

Alexa - Ms. Park

Alex - Ms. Park

Maddox - Ms. Park

Adriana - Ms. Park

Callum - Ms. Park

Sean - Ms. Park

Rebecca - Ms. Dileso

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Monochromatic Self-Portraits

To kick off the school year in Art, students worked on a school-wide collaboration project.  The goal was to have every student create a monochromatic self-portrait, which would later be displayed together in rainbow order.

Before beginning their self-portraits, students learned that monochrome means one color.  Each table had monochromatic coloring supplies, including markers, crayons and colored pencils.  Students were encouraged to use a variety of shades (lights and darks of a color) and pattern to make their artwork more interesting.  Grades four and five were given the option of creating either a traditional self-portrait, or something more representational.  

Our finished artwork is now on display near the Library, creating a sea of color along the hallway. This project was a great way to think about our school community as a whole.  As they walk by, students have certainly been excited to find their self-portrait among the rainbow of their peers!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Animal Collages, Inspired by Eric Carle

Students in Pre-K/Kindergarten finished off the school year by making Eric Carle inspired animal collages.  We've read and enjoyed many of Eric Carle's books throughout the year, so this was a fun project for us!

We learned that Eric Carle is both an author AND illustrator, meaning he writes the stories and makes the artwork for his books.   To make his collage style artwork, he first paints tissue paper using different colors, brushstrokes, and patterns.  Once dry, he uses this paper to cut out shapes and build pictures that show his story.

Illustrations by Eric Carle

To make our Eric Carle inspired collages, we began by creating painted paper.   Each student painted an entire sheet of paper using just one color.  Next, they used a second color to add a pattern - a design or shape that repeats itself.  Some students used paintbrushes to do this, while others used paper towel tubes, sponges, or cardboard to stamp/print their design.

The following class, we read Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?. We were excited by all the different animals in this story and looked for shapes used by Carle to build each animal.  Many students loved the purple cat and thought it was kind of crazy considering cats aren't purple in real life.   A fun thing about being an artist: sometimes you can make things crazy colors if you feel like it!

Image from Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? - by Eric Carle

Students then set out to make their own animal collages.  Our painted paper from last week had been cut into squares and shared at each table.  Everyone chose an animal to make and then thought about shapes that could be used to build it.  Using the painted paper, we cut and glued our animals to a large sheet of white paper.  To finish our artwork, we used markers and crayon to add extra details and a background.

Here are some finished examples of our animal collages.  What do you see?

Adella - Ms. York

Aela - Ms. York

Alex - Ms. Tanguay 

Christina - Ms. York

Erika - Mr. McSweeny

Isaiah - Ms. Tanguay

Joel - Ms. Tanguay

Lily - Ms. Tanguay

Lucia - Ms. Tanguay

Maya - Mr. McSweeny

Nicholas - Mr. McSweeny

Paige - Ms. Tanguay

Parand - Ms. York

Samvel - Ms. Tanguay

Sebastian - Ms. York

Nicky - Mr. McSweeny