Thursday, November 9, 2017

Contour Line Drawing

This fall, students in fourth and fifth grade created observational drawings using contour line. Students learned that contour means outline or edge.  To make a contour line drawing, simple lines are used to show the basic form of an object.  We viewed examples by artists like Henri Matisse and Andy Warhol before getting started.

Henri Matisse - Matisse's Hand Holding Fruit, 1944

To begin this lesson, students looked at supplies from the art room and created contour line drawings of the objects in their sketchbooks.  We practiced both blind contour (looking only at the object and not your paper), as well as what we called sight contour (looking back and forth at your paper and the object).  

Thomas - Mr. Donohue

During the following class, students used their contour line skills to create a still life drawing of fresh flowers.  As a warm up, students practiced doing a few blind contour drawings of the flowers to sharpen their observational skills.  

Connor - Ms. Barry

Ellen - Ms. Barry

Next, students completed a final drawing of their flowers.  They were encouraged to create simple line drawings focusing on contour edges but could include minor details if they wished.   They started with pencil and traced over their lines using a fine point marker.  Pencil lines were erased to give their artwork a more finished look.

Here are some finished examples of our flower drawings:

Johanna - Ms. Gallagher

Joseph - Ms. Gallagher

Danica - Ms. Gallagher

Greg - Ms. Gallagher

Gigi - Ms. Gallagher

Thomas - Ms. Barry 

Ellen - Ms. Barry

Nick - Ms. Barry

Gracie - Ms. Barry

Christos - Ms. Barry

Noah - Ms. Erwin 

Natalie - Ms. Erwin 

Campbell - Ms. Erwin 

Andrew - Ms. Erwin

Rafael - Ms. Erwin 

Max - Mr. Donohue

Adrianna - Mr. Donohue 

Gina - Mr. Donohue

Friday, October 13, 2017

Line Landscapes

Third grade students recently created Line Landscapes. This was a fun lesson exploring the use of line and color. It also gave us a chance to talk about the parts of a landscape picture: foreground, middleground, horizon, and background.  
Livia - Ms. Dileso
After reviewing the many different kinds of line we might use in our artwork, students drew a simple landscape design using only lines. We used black oil pastel on black paper for this and students were encouraged to go all the way to the edges with their lines.

Students then used colorful oil pastels to fill in the spaces between their lines.  Some students chose realistic colors for their work, while others used non-realistic colors for a more expressive look.  

The last step of our project was assessing our own artwork to determine if it was finished or not. We talked about taking our time, filling in all the black paper, and re-tracing the original black lines to help them stand out better. Once our landscape was totally finished, we mounted it onto colorful background paper. Students were encouraged to choose a color that would complement their artwork.

Here are some examples of our finished Line Landscapes:

Lara - Mrs. Munger

Mah Noor - Ms. Dileso

Sylvia - Ms. Dileso

Elle - Ms. Dileso

Declan - Ms. Dileso

Edward - Mrs. Munger

Richard - Mrs. Munger

Ryan - Ms Munger

Kaitlin - Ms. Munger

Xander - Ms. Dileso

Alexa - Ms. Park

Alex - Ms. Park

Maddox - Ms. Park

Adriana - Ms. Park

Callum - Ms. Park

Sean - Ms. Park

Rebecca - Ms. Dileso